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 About The Unearthed Arcana

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PostSubject: About The Unearthed Arcana   Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:38 am

Welcome to our guild.

The Unearthed Arcana (UA) is a guild which prides itself on being friendly, informative and fun to be part of. We have members from far and wide, and there is often a fair amount of banter going on in guild chat or party chat. We are found on the Keeper server and have been established since April 2006 with very few changes. We have many Guild Officers and 12 Guild Councillors who are all happy to help with any queries and questions.

We do have some rules, but these are put in place to make questing fun and enjoyable, as opposed to rushing through quests without actually taking the adventure in. We run guild groups at all levels and there are quite often groups of various levels running at any given time.

So to the basic guild rules or our Code of Conduct. These are as follows:

1. As a new member all we ask is that you register on this forum and list your toons on the thread in the forum within a week of joining us. This will allow us to know who is who and help administer the membership list better.

2. We always take care of each other. Guild members are your 'family' on DDO. We dont leave them behind, we don't leave them dead, we don't do anything to the detriment of any of our guild.

3. We play as a group. Our guild ethic is group first and all of our guild groups stick to this. Some of the Pick Up Groups (PUG's) will have members who rush off and try to get things done as quick as possible, our guild groups do not, we take our time and like to do things as an adventure. Should a guild member require a quest for something and wish to run it quickly, he/she is obliged to make anyone joining that run aware of this when recruiting.

4. As a member of the Guild you will often find yourself helping or being helped by other members. This may be anything from simply passing on information, running a quest with someone or giving away loot that your characters do not need. We have in the past had members who have abused this, especially the latter, almost begging for items and money all the time. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND YOU WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE GUILD IF YOU DO THIS.

4. We are a Guild who have a good reputation amongst the adventurers of Stormreach and we ask all members to help us maintain our status as one of the best Guilds in the game.

So that's the basics about the UA. If you have any more queries or questions please ask us.


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About The Unearthed Arcana
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