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 Small Guild Bonus

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PostSubject: Small Guild Bonus   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:48 pm


Originally Posted by MadFloyd
A little more info for everyone:

We think we know what is happening. Outside of the game, some account management software changes were made. As you probably know, DDO now cacluates the amount of guild accounts for renown purposes, and for this reason the two system communicate with each other. However, some change to the 'case' (uppercase vs lowercase) of account names were made yesterday, causing some confusion in the actual number of accounts.

It affects players with multiple characters in the same guild (and by extention the guild itself). It *seems* like the situation fixes itself once all a player's characters (in the same guild) have logged in, but at this time we can't say this with certainty.

Looks like we need to log all our alts for it to reset itself

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Small Guild Bonus
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