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 Your Main Toon And Your Alts

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PostSubject: Main & alts   Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:58 am

I like the idea of keeping a common name through alts so all my neww ones will contain Snow in their names, but previous alts are:

Algy lvl16 Wiz
Hartley Lievre lvl16 Cleric
Rogere Lapin lvl 12 Rogue
SnowHope lvl6 Pally
SnowGood lvl2 Ranger
Catalyna lvl 11 Sorc
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PostSubject: Alts   Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:56 pm

Hi these are my alts

Hoggle {Lvl16 Rouge {Semi Retired}

Felix {Lvl14 Barbairian/Lvl1 Fighter}

Totty {Lvl14 Rouge}

Winn {Lvl 10 Cleric}

Salerno {Lvl 3 Barbarian Lvl 6 Fighter}

Knockers {lvl 8 Sorcerer}

Telerose {Lvl 8 Paladin}

Porkpie {Lvl 5 Fighter Lvl 2 Barbarian}

Hotty {Lvl 6 Ranger}

Beawolf {Lvl 2 Barbarian Lvl 2 Fighter}

Weaman {Lvl 2 Rouge Lvl 1 Barbarian}

Hi my name is Phil and above are a list of my alts on D&D Online .
Ive been playing the Game since it came out and Hoggle is my main Alt but he is mainly Retired now i cant get myself to reroll him because he was the first char i rolled and at the time did not know you could alter your stats {HOW STUPID AM I] but i only play on my computer to go on E/bay or Play the Game .ive got a lot of alts because when you cant get a group i change alts all the time i only work part/time so im on the game eveyday [I KNOW ITS SAD ] but what can i say . I think the Guild is the best one on the Server all members seem very good and very freindly always helping each other out and giving things to other guild members its good. Sorry to go on but never left a post so sorry to bore you

Thankyou Hoggle
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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:40 pm

Ok lets see what we have in UA:

Biovox Warforged Paladin/Sorceror
Skary Drow Ranger
Skaramangler Drow Fighter (Dual wield)
Skulsmasher Human Fighter (Two-handed)
Skonecro Drow Wizard
Assassing Human Rogue
Skourge Human Cleric/Fighter
My main (and other alts) are in another guild (Avatars of Woe). They are:

Skulka(main) Elf Rogue/Ranger
Skulmedic Drow Cleric
Skaramanga Drow Rogue/Bard
Saucerer Drow Sorcerer
Marchaos Dwarf Paladin
Mekanik Drow Cleric/Sorceror

Skuldancer Drow Sorcerer/(?)Bard

Skul Very Happy

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PostSubject: Alts   Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:28 am

Hi Tam

My alts:

Kwin 11th female human cleric
Lockey 10th male drow elf rogue
Garrus 9th male human fighter

My sons alt:

Horrus Grendar 9th dwarven barbarian

See you in Stormreach

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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:49 pm

Hi all,

Main: Verdal (Cleric 7)
Alt: None yet

I'm also new to DDO, coming from WoW.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:45 pm

I don't remember most of my alts, but here's what I do remember:

Ashtal : Lv16 Rogue
Artel : Lv16 Wizard
Daurk : Lv5 Fighter/Lv1 Barbarian
Warsov : Lv2 Paladin/Lv1 Fighter

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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:03 am

Hey im Shav as you all know me.


Shavarath 16 Sorc
Implosion 10 (Soon to Be 11 Fighter)
Starfish My Lil DPS Rogue 4
Jellyfish 1 WF Wiz!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   Sun May 10, 2009 7:50 am


Newly arrived bard, with just a single alt, named Tekri, who at some point will join the guild (when i can be bothered to log his little behind online)
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PostSubject: Burty''''s characters (complete list)   Sun May 17, 2009 8:12 pm

There has been a few changes to my characters - some have gone others are new. I know some people have hard time remebering what alts are me but they will all have 'played by Burty' in the bio. but below is a list of all of them.

I reactivated my pre-release account a little while ago and include them here for information. Just in case you see them about as most are in another guild
all but one character on the 1st account is capped. wanted a change but didnt want to delete them and that why I have the 2nd account.

Whos gone:
Karlos Van Dango: Elf, Level 4 Paladin/4 Ranger/1 Wizard - Deleted. name available as far as I know - Re-rolled as Glarung
Tarkon Hawk: Human, Level 7 Barbarian - Deleted. name available - Re-rolled as Starvega
Grabthar Khan: Human. Level 10 Barbarian - Deleted

Account 1
Balant Mournlight - Drow - Rogue 14/Cleric 1/Wizard 1
Neumay Moltengale - Elf - Wizard 16
Grumbleduke Darkheart - Dwarf - Barbarian 15/Fighter 1
Bobajob - Warforged - Paladin 15/Sorcerer 1
Ancalagon The Black - Drow - Fighter 14/Ranger 2
Box - Warforged - Fighter 15/Ranger 1
Noggin The Nog - Human - Ranger 11/Fighter 5
Caslatus Crypthound - Dwarf - Cleric 15/Fighter 1
Monkfish - Drow - Ranger 7/Rogue 6/Paladin 3
Wonton Destruction - Human - Monk 16
Gloaranth Steelrain - Elf - Ranger 16
Nerf The Warforged - Warforged - Barbarian - 15 (Re-rolled for 4th and last time)
Spidercan - Warforged - Rogue 14/Monk 2 - In UA
Searaven Spellsong - Drow - Bard 16 - In UA

Account 2
Saggaris Daggertooth - Halfling - Rogue 10/Ranger 6 - In UA
Belhathor The Sage - Drow - Sorcerer 14 - In UA
Findus The Flatulant - Dwarf - Fighter 15 - In UA
Finubar The Seafarer - Drow - Ranger 16 - In UA
Biffa Bacon - Dwarf - Rogue 16 - In UA
Bentley Bladesinger - Human - Bard 13 - In UA
Glarung The Green - Elf - Paladin 7/Ranger 6 - In UA
Tinribs - Warforged - Wizard 12 - In UA
Tukal Strongmantle - Human - Paladin 11 - In UA
Ashotin The Dark - Elf - Rogue 11/Ranger 1/Wizard 1 - In UA
Burty - Warforged - Fighter 10 - In UA
Starvega Stormbow - Elf - Barbarian 10/Ranger 2 - In UA
Medri Ulathtaller - Drow - Cleric 11 - In UA
Nogbad The Bad - Dwarf - Paladin 10

any questions feel free to reply or send a message

I will not be on much now for the next month or 2

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PostSubject: My Toon Wish List   Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:14 am

Basil Brush
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PostSubject: Re: Your Main Toon And Your Alts   

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Your Main Toon And Your Alts
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