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 Shroud Puzzle without a Solver

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PostSubject: Shroud Puzzle without a Solver   Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:37 am

Stole this from a the US forums.

For anyone new to the puzzle, each one you hit also swaps the ones next to it vertically and horizontally (and for the circle one, diagonally as well).

Each puzzle you want to "Solve up" first. Choose a side to start on and consider that the bottom row, (don't touch that row just yet). Hit the ones you need to on the next row up to light the entire bottom row. Then use the 3rd row up to light up the second, etc. When you finish using the top row to light up the next one down, see what's missing and on the top row and check the charts below. Hit what it says to in the top row. Then solve back down (eg using the 2nd row down to finish lighting up the top row, hit 3rd row to finish 2nd, etc). By the time you get back to the bottom row and light up the one above it, everything will be lit.

, , or Don't hit top. Solve down.

, Hit both corners on the top row, then solve down.

Solved (Top row will always be completed by the time you finish using it to light the next row down).

This the only one that really needs a chart. Check what the top row looks like, and hit the ones listed after (1 is far left, 5 is far right).

Hit 4. Solve down.
Hit 1. Solve down.
Hit 1 and 2. Solve down.
Hit 3. solve down.
Hit 1, 2, and 3. Solve down.
(The last few possible combinations are mirrored versions of the ones above.)
Hit 2. Solve down.
Hit 5. Solve down.

Same general rules apply. Consider it 4 rows as far as solving up/down is concerned.
Hit 1. Solve down.
Hit 2. Solve down.
Hit 1 and 2. Solve down.

Final Notes
Quick copy of the chart if you want to print it out, Detailed instructions not included.

Practice makes perfect
Here's a little web based version of the puzzle to try on, it generates ones that are not solvable also but the 3x3 one will get the idea accross for you
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Shroud Puzzle without a Solver
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